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Woman to Woman Health Boutique


Jessie P. Philips, ARNP, MAH, CLT/LS, PhD

Woman to Woman Health Boutique is an elegantly appointed upscale shop that opened for business in 1999.  As the name implies, the boutique originally served women with special health care needs.  However, Lymphedema Management Services of San Antonio, a division of Woman to Woman, is co-located in the boutique and approximately 30 percent of the patients visiting the clinic are men.  The boutique carries medical legwear and other compression therapy products for both men and women.  

Our mission is to meet the special health care needs of women and men and to make a difference in the way they feel about themselves; to encourage and enable people to make informed decisions about their health care.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products, presented with empathy, compassion and guaranteed satisfaction.  Our staff is made up of empathetic, sensitive, and knowledgeable health care professionals who know how to communicate with your physician and other health care professionals to insure what you purchase is really what you need.


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We offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art products and the finest, most professional services before and after breast surgery. The boutique has fitters who are not only professional trained and certified, they are health care professionals RNs, certified registered orthotic fitters and  technicians who help you choose the proper size, shape and style of prosthesis and bras to meet your personal needs. From breast enhancers, mastectomy swimwear to a wide selection of feminine post-mastectomy and specialty bras and accessories. Whether you have had a mastectomy or breast reduction, the boutique has products to make you look and feel better. 


If you have lymphedema or some other swelling condition, lymphedema management can provide an effective and safe way to control it.  Lymphedema Management Services of San Antonio is located within the boutique and we offer virtually all of the equipment, supplies and garments you may need for your treatment. Our staff will fit you into the proper compression sleeve and will work with your physician or therapist to provide the most effective compression therapy with instructions and follow-up. Various vascular conditions which cause edema may interfere with your lifestyle. Medical legwear prescribed by your  physician will make you feel and look better.  For those with lymph- edema and other swelling conditions, compression garments and complete decongestive therapy/manual lymph drainage can not only control edema, but can help you return almost to normal.




For those experiencing hair loss due to radiation, chemo therapy, alopecia, or for those simply having a bad hair day, we invite you to visit our Woman to Woman Health Boutique wig salon. You will be greeted and served by a health care professional who will work with you in a comfortable confidential setting. Personal counseling and assistance are part of the services when you purchase a wig, hat or turban from the boutique.


Your skin sometimes experiences dryness and other problems related to your medical treatment.  The boutique carries the finest in advanced skin care products to alleviate these problems.  Everything you need to keep your purchase clean and in the best of condition is also available.  And, as in most boutiques, we offer a wonderful selection of beautiful Austrian crystal jewelry as well as other gift items, including self-help books and relaxing music CDs.


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