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What Our Patients Say


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Lymphedema Management Services

Comments and letters from our patients...

Kathy Holmes (from an interview)
"When my arm began to swell, I went to several doctors who didn't know what to do... But I'm not one to give up.  When I don't like what one doctor tells me, I go to another one... I spoke with a lot of women who had the same problem (lymphedema).  Most had been told to resign themselves to a lifetime of arm swelling.  I knew there had to be something that could be done and I wasn't about to take this lying down like those other women... My doctor sent me to Jessie Philips... the results were dramatic.  After three days, my arm felt almost normal again.  I was amazed at the quick results.  I'm glad I didn't listen to those people who said I'd have to learn to live with the swelling."

Erna Franz (from a letter to Dr. Philips)
"I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me and my lymphedema.  My legs have been normal all this time.  We watch for any swelling and prepare to wrap them.  So far we have only wrapped them twice.  I still wear the hose when needed.  It is so great that God has given you the talent in your hands to help others.  We are so grateful we heard your commercial on the radio.
"...Thank you again for all your help in my recovery.  May God grant you many years of service to others... With Love"

John Benzing (from an interview)
"I've had severe swelling in my right leg since 1983.  Seventeen doctors and specialists have tried to treat my condition.  I've had salves rubbed on my leg, worn support stockings, been given water pills.  I've even been put through a serries of very expensive treatments using a hyperbaric chamber.  Nothing really worked.  I was finally told, 'Learn to live with it.'  But I never did and I never gave up hope. 
"Then I heard Dr. Jessie Philips talking on the radio and I said to myself, 'One more doctor can't hurt.'  And guess what... Going to Lymphedema Management Services of San Antonio was the best medical decision I ever made.  The treatment really works!  I can now put on a pair of pants I hadn't worn in years.
"If you've been told to learn to live with a swelling condition, don't give up hope.  Do what I did, call Dr. Philips at Lymphedema Management Services."

Memo to Dr. Jessie Philips from Romeo Rojas, MD regarding patient Mrs. X:
June 14, 2000 "I have finished evaluating Mrs. X.  In particular, the appearance of her lymphedematous legs is remarkably improved.  The surface of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is smoother and softer without the lumpiness previously noticed.  The vascularity of the skin, previously pale yellowish is now pink.  Your objective measurements also show (a) remarkable decrease in measurements.  I believe this treatment is effective for this patient."

Juliet Reyes (from a letter to Dr. Philips)
"Just a little note to tell you thank you for all you've done for me. Every time I put on a pair of pretty shoes I marvel at how far I've come with the reduction of fluid in my left foot.
"I had been meaning to send you this card for quite some time and I'm sorry it has taken me so long;  but as I was walking to my car today and I heard the clatter of my boot heal hitting the pavement, it was music to my ears and I have you to thank.
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You are continuously in my thoughts and prayers!  I'm your biggest FAN!"

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