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Medical Records Review

What's missing from the medical record? A legal nurse consultant knows how to quickly extrapolate key components from a medical record that may be crucial to your case. Our knowledge of documentation will identify possible tampering or deletions/additions in the record. Our expertise in reviewing medical records will leave you time to develop your best strategy.

Professional Review of Medical Records

We will review medical records and supporting documents for medical and nursing malpractice, personal injury, products liability, toxic tort, and criminal cases involving injury.

Hassle-Free Organization

    We will organize the medical record in chronological order

    We will tab the record and put each piece of paper in the appropriate category

    We will paginate the record for easy reference

Our Summaries Will Help You Prepare for Trial

    We will provide you with a summary that briefly describes the plaintiff's injury and subsequent care provided, including the results of diagnostic tests

    A medical record summary will help you understand the nature of your client's injury

    We can point out the plaintiff's pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that may have an impact your case

    We can point out inconsistencies in the record if they exist

Trial or Arbitration is No Place for Surprises!

Our Analysis of the Record can be an Invaluable Tool

    Our legal nurse consultants will carefully look at the medical issues in your case

    We will ask the critical questions and look for the answers in the medical record

    We will evaluate crucial information found in the EMS response records and emergency department records

    We will review the patient's behavior and response to treatment

    We will point out any potentially negative elements in the record so that you can respond accordingly